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Alphabetical Listing

ACJNet (Access to Justice Network) (Links page emphasizing Canadian legal history)

American Association of Law Libraries ("Irish Legal History: An Overview and Guide to the Sources")

Anglo-French Law Language

Anglo-Saxon Charters (British Academy, Royal Historical Society)

Animal Legal & Historical Center (Legal history of animal rights) (State Library of New South Wales) – Australian legal history

Avalon Project at Yale Law School

Aztec and Maya Legal History (Tarlton Law Library, U. Texas at Austin)

Babylonian Law (Wikipedia)

Bibliography on Early Modern Defamation (Legal history bibliography and biographies)

Bracton Online (Harvard Law School Library)

British History Online (Records of assizes, eyres, etc.)   –   Main Site

Cambridge University's Legal History Links Page

Catholic Encyclopedia   –   Canon Law    Common Law    International Law    Roman Law

Coles County (Illinois) Legal History Project (Database of Coles County case records) (Links to legal history items)

Delaware Attorney General's Office (History of the office)

Early Modern Resources   –   Law and Order   –   Wales and the Law

Ekeid (Post-Byzantine law bibliographies)

Exchequer Customs Accounts (Overseas trade of London)

Famous Trials (Prof. Doug Linder, Univ. Missouri-Kansas City School of Law)

French Ministry of Justice (History of the Ministry) (in French)

Glossary of Latin Terms

Glossary of Medieval Terms

Google Legal History Directory

Halsall Ancient History Source Book – Legal Texts (Fordham University)

Hemyock Castle (Glossary of Ancient Weights and Measures)

Henry II (Background information, including on legal reforms and the Anarchy)

Histoire du droit des obligations (Introduction to the law obligations) (in French)

History of Gambling in the United States (Gambling law)

History of the Horseneck Riots (New Jersey property law)

History of the United Kingdom: Primary Documents

Huron Indian Tribe History (Huron law)

IMEros (Links to ancient laws and relevant journals by Prof. Arnaoutoglou)

Indiana Courts (History of Indiana courts and law schools)

Indiana Supreme Court – History and Origins

Institut für Deutsche und Rheinische Rechtsgeschichte, Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn (Links page)

Internet Medieval Sourcebook: Medieval Legal History

Irish Penal Laws (University of Minnesota School of Law) (Roman and Civil Law Resources, edited by Ernest Metzger, University of Glasgow)

Ius Commune Sonderhefte (Legal history multilingual bibliography)

Ius Romanum (University of Saarbrücken Roman Law Internet Project)

Jurist (Legal history page) (U.S. Supreme Court cases)

Law and History Bibliography (Australia and New Zealand)

Law French (Wikipedia)

Law Library Microform Consortium (U.S. site for French legal history explanations and bibliography)

LawMoose (Legal history links)

Law Society of Scotland – "What Is Scots Law?"

Legal History (Wikipedia) (Prof. Russell's page at the University of Denver)

Legal Information Institute (Cornell Law School): Historic U.S. Supreme Court Decisions by Justice

Lewis and Short Latin Dictionary

Library of Congress: U.S. Congressional Documents, Debates (1774-1875)   –   Statutes at Large, Foundation Texts

Local History (Mailing list concerned mostly with England) (Anglo-American fundamental legal documents)   –   Historic reference works

Maurizio Lupoi's Legal Links

Magna Carta (Latin-to-English translation) (British Library) (Miscellaneous treaties and other legal documents)

Henry Sumner Maine: Ancient Law (Text of Maine's book)

Malaysian Legal History (Wikipedia)

Manuscript Collection, U.S. Library of Congress

Max Planck Institute for European Legal History (Online library catalog) (in German)

Medieval Calendar Calculator

Medieval English Towns (Town by-laws and other information)

Medieval Writing (Paleography information and examples) (American legal history)

Thomas More Trial (History and general biography)

National Archives (Great Britain)   –   Catalogue

New Jersey Historic Documents (Charters, Grants and Constitutions)

New Jersey Office of the Public Defender – A History

Nomoi (Ancient Greek law portal)

Prof. Pennington's page, Catholic University, Washington D.C. (Explanation of German legal history)

Proceedings of the Old Bailey (1674-1834)

Profiles in the Law (Harris Greenwell, L.L.P.)

Public Records: General (England)   –   Main Site

SCAToday (Medieval legal history information) (Black land rights in U.S. Southeast)

Stair Society's Links Page

Story of Legal Education in British Columbia (University of British Columbia Faculty of Law)

Tennessee Bar: 50 Years of Pioneers – Early Women in the Law

Timeline of Women's Legal History in the U.S. (Prof. Cunnea)   –   With Georgetown Univ.-Related Items

Triangle Legal History Seminar's Links Page

U.K. Parliament (Chronological tables)   –   Local acts   –   Private acts

Underhill's Site (The legal history of Shakespeare's era)

University of Alberta Legal History Links Page

University of Chicago American Legal History Research GuideLinks Page

University of Georgia – Legal History Links Page

University of Houston History Department: English Legal History Materials (Anonymous professor's page)

University of Melbourne Legal History Resources Online   –   Links Page

Virtual Library of Legal History (Steffen Bressler's links page)

Otto Vervaart's Legal History and Internet Page   –   in French

Whitaker's Latin Dictionary

Wisconsin's Legal History (Wisconsin Bar)

Women's Legal History Biography Project (Stanford University)

Year Books (English)