10 Questions

1.  Who ordered the compilation of the Corpus Juris Civilis?

Henry VIII
Innocent III

2.  Where did actions in equity originate?

The Court of Common Pleas
The King's Bench
The Chancery
The Privy Council

3.  What is the offshoot of civil law applied in the Catholic Church?

The Decretum
Canon law
The Apostles' Creed
Papal bulls

4.  Upon what documents were common-law actions founded until the recent modern period?

Plea rolls

5.  Which is the oldest law faculty in Europe?


6.  What was Napoleon's outstanding legal reform?

Proclamation of the Second Republic
The département system
The Code Civil
Trial by jury

7.  With what were the early Germanic codes mostly concerned?

Marriage and inheritance
Land rights
Payments for physical injuries
Procedures for trial by ordeal

8.  What group attempted to adapt Roman law to the needs of feudal society?

The Glossators
The Commentators
The Humanists
The Inns of Court

9.  Which institution introduced trial by jury in England?

The Church
The Crown
The barons

10.  What put an end to the medieval English court system?

The Judicature Act 1873
The Judicial Committee of the Privy Council (established in 1833)
Establishment of the county courts in 1846
The Court of Criminal Appeal (established in 1907)